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Anasys nanoIR3 - Overview
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Anasys nanoIR3-s - Overview

Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy | nanoIR

Bruker Anasys Instruments is the world leader in photothermal IR spectroscopy from the nanoscale to the sub-micron and macro scales. We are dedicated to delivering innovative products and solutions that measure spatially varying physical and chemical properties with nanoscale spatial resolution in a diverse range of fields, including polymers, 2D materials, materials science, life science and micro-electronics industry. 

Anasys nanoIR products have been adopted by leading scientists at major research universities, national laboratories and leading chemical/materials companies worldwide. With an impressive and growing publication record, our customers have proven the ease of use and productivity in real-world applications.



The nanoIR3 is the latest generation nanoscale IR spectroscopy, chemical imaging, and property mapping system for both materials and life science applications.

  • True model free nanoscale IR absorption spectroscopy
  • 10nm resolution chemical imaging with Tapping AFM-IR
  • FAST spectra AFM-IR provides high resolution, nanoIR spectroscopy in seconds
  • Rich, interpretable IR spectra that directly correlates to FTIR
  • Correlative microscopy with nanoscale property mapping and full featured AFM
  • "Anasys engineered" for ease of use, productivity and reliability


The nanoIR3-s draws on a legacy of award winning products and represents the state of the art for nanoscale spectroscopy, imaging and materials analysis.

  • Two complementary nanoscale IR techniques – s-SNOM and AFM-IR
  • 10nm resolution chemical and optical property mapping
  • nano FTIR high performance broadband spectroscopy
  • Correlative microscopy with nanoscale property mapping and full featured AFM
  • "Anasys engineered" for ease of use, productivity and reliability 
nanoIR3-s Broadband

nanoIR3-s Broadband

Bruker’s nanoIR3-s Broadband is the most advanced s-SNOM based nanoscale FTIR spectroscopy system providing the broadest available spectral range (670 to 4000 cm-1) with high-resolution nanochemical and nano-optical imaging capabilitie

  • Broadest available spectral range for spectroscopy and high-resolution nanochemical imaging
  • Highest performance spectroscopy and imaging for 2D/graphene materials
  • Nanoscale material property mapping and sample environmental control options

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