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Toxtyper 2.0

A powerful push button solution developed for rapid Toxicology screening with a simplified intuitive user interface

Toxtyper™ 2.0 delivers a robust and automated drug testing solution based on the fastest LC-MSn technology in the market, the amaZon speed. The Toxtyper 2.0 provides a combination of high performance LC-MS/MS and easy-to-use identification with the greatest transferability of library search results from lab to lab.

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The Toxtyper 2.0 solution was developed to meet the needs of forensic and clinical research labs. The unique patented SmartFrag™ Technology virtually removes any variation and hence the need for tuning from the MS/MS process. Data acquisition and post-processing is completely hidden by the intuitive Toxtyper 2.0 graphical user interface, which provides an easy to use wizard- based access that is ideal for multiuser environments.

Key attributes of the Toxtyper 2.0:


  • Unique and comprehensive library of over 980 toxicology relevant compounds with retention time, MS, MS², and MS³ spectral info
  • Walk up system with ready-to-use LC-MSn methods and push button user interface
  • Simultaneous identification of drugs and metabolites in high and low abundance with sensitivities in the low ng/ml range
  • Value and speed with capabilities for screening, confirmation and semi-quantitation in a single LC-MSn  analysis  
  • “Open toxicology“ concept for rapid update of libraries for emerging new drugs and toxins
Elute Toxtyper

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.