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Magnetic ResonanceNMRD-Series


200020012016      **Avance™ Series
Magnetic ResonanceNMRD-SeriesDRX
200020022016      **Avance™ Series
Magnetic ResonanceNMRD-SeriesDMX
200020022016      **Avance™ Series
Magnetic ResonanceNMRD-SeriesDSX
200020022016      **Avance™ Series
Magnetic ResonanceNMRAvance™ Iall20042005Dec 2016      **Avance™ II
Magnetic ResonanceNMRAvance™ IIall20062007Jan 2018
      **Avance™ III
Magnetic ResonanceNMRAvance™ IIIall201220132024      **Avance™ III HD
Magnetic ResonanceNMRAvance™ III HD
all201720192029      **Avance™ NEO
Magnetic ResonanceNMRFourier 300all201520162020      **Fourier 300 HD


Magnetic ResonanceNMRsuperconducting (SC) NMR Magnetsall non-shielded100...600 MHz; all bore diameters20002017      **UltraShield™ (US)
SC NMR Magnets
Magnetic ResonanceNMRUltraShield™ (US) superconducting NMR MagnetsAscend™750; 850; 950 MHz; all bore diameters2017tba      **Newer Ascend magnet types with 700, 800, 900 and 1000 MHz
Magnetic ResonanceNMRUltraShield™ (US) superconducting NMR MagnetsAscend™900/2K MHz; wide bore
2017tba      **
Magnetic ResonanceNMRUltraShield™ (US) superconducting NMR MagnetsAscend Aeon™400...1000 MHz; all bore diameters2017tba      **ASCEND™ 400 and 500 MHz with BNL option
Magnetic ResonanceNMR 
UltraShield™ (US) superconducting NMR Magnets
Ascend Aeon™ DNP
400; 600; 800/2K MHz; all bore diameters2017tba      **ASCEND™ DNP


Magnetic ResonanceNMRCooling UnitCUCU/1200120022013      **Cooling Unit CU/2
Magnetic ResonanceNMRCooling UnitCUCU/220052005Jan 2018      **Cooling Unit CU/3
Magnetic ResonanceNMRCooling UnitCUCU/320062007Jan 2018      **Cooling Unit CU/4
Magnetic ResonanceNMRCooling UnitCUCU/420172017tba
      **Cooling Unit CU/5
Magnetic ResonanceNMRBruker Magnet Pump ControlBMPCBMPC120062006Jan 2019   yesBMPC2


Magnetic ResonanceNMRsample changerSampleMailall201620172027      **SampleCase™
Magnetic ResonanceNMRsample changerSampleRail™
20102020      **Prep2NMR / SampleJet™
Magnetic ResonanceNMRsample changerBACS
20142016      **SampleXpress™ / SampleCase™
Magnetic ResonanceNMRsample changerBACS
201220142016      **SampleXpress™ / SampleCase™
Magnetic ResonanceNMRliquid handlerGilson 215
201220152025      **SamplePro Tube
Magnetic ResonanceNMRsample changerNMRCase
200820082018      **SampleCase™ / SampleXpress™ Lite

Probes +

Magnetic ResonanceNMRSolid-State Probe
all diameters200820092019      **      **
Magnetic ResonanceNMRSolid-State ProbeMASVTNall diameters200820092019      **      **
Magnetic ResonanceNMRSolid-State ProbeMASWVTall diameters200820092019      **      **
Magnetic ResonanceNMRSolid-State ProbeTRIGAMMA Iall diameters201220122018      **TRIGAMMA II (2nd Generation)
Magnetic ResonanceNMRS-State Probe AccessoryMAS I Uint (2620)all versions200420132018      **MAS 3 Unit

minispec® systems

Magnetic ResonanceTD-NMRminispec®NB system199920022012      **ND system
Magnetic ResonanceTD-NMRminispec®mq SeriesND system201020132020     yesNE system

EPR (ESR) systems

Magnetic ResonanceEPREMX™EMX™ seriesall - with transputer interface20022017      **EMXplus™ /EMXmicro™ with ethernet interface
Magnetic ResonanceEPRELEXSYS™ELEXSYS™ seriesall - with transputer interface
20022017      **ELEXSYS™ with ethernet interface
Magnetic ResonanceEPR (ESR)e-scan™e-scan™Beer Analyzer
Mar 2018Dec 2018Dec 2025     yesmicroESR
Magnetic ResonanceEPR (ESR)e-scan™e-scan™ E
Mar 2018Mar 2018Dec 2025      **microESR
Magnetic ResonanceEPR (ESR)e-scan™e-scan™ M
Mar 2018Dec 2025      **microESR

MR Imaging

Preclinical ImagingMR ImagingClinScan®7 Tesla;
all bore diameters
Jan 2015May 2014May 2021      **      ---

Nuclear Molecular Imaging

Preclinical ImagingPET/SPECT/CTAlbira™ Iall200820092016      **Albira™ II
Preclinical ImagingPET/SPECT/CTAlbira™ IIall201520162023      **Albira™ Si


Preclinical ImagingmicroCTIn-Vivo SkyScan™ 1178
all201420152019      **1278
Preclinical ImagingOptical/X-rayIn-Vivo Xtreme™ I
all201320142021      **Xtreme™ II
Preclinical ImagingOptical/X-rayIn-Vivo Xtreme™ II
all201720182025      **      ---
Preclinical ImagingOptical/X-rayIn-Vivo Benchtop (Grey)Carestream Brandedall201120112018      **In-Vivo Benchtop (White)
Preclinical ImagingOptical/X-rayIn-Vivo Benchtop (White)Bruker Brandedall201520162023      **      ---

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